Ecumenical / Joint Churches Easter Event: “Journey to the Cross"

Ecumenical events in Easter and Holy Week , include:
A ‘Pilgrim Walk’ called "Journey to the Cross" will take place on Monday March 30th. There will be three groups. One from Kill O Grange area, one from the inner Dun Laoghaire area and one from Monkstown.  All to meet at 3 pm at the Statue of Christ the King adjacent to the Lexicon building, Haigh Terrace, Moran Park, Dun Laoghaire, where we will hold a short service of about 20 minutes.
A 12 o'clock noon service, of about 20 minutes duration, followed by a bowl of soup/slice of bread, on
 Tuesday 31st March  St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Monkstown
 Wednesday 1st April  The Quakers Meeting House, Monkstown 
 Thursday 2nd April Dun Laoghaire Methodist Church 
 Friday 3rd April Dun Laoghaire Evangelical Church.
On Easter Sunday, 5th April, there will be a Dawn Service in Kill Abbey, followed by tea and a slice of toast at Kill o’ the Grange Church of Ireland. Sunrise will be 6.50am.

Services during Covid Restrictions

During the current situation with the covid-19 virus, church services will be subject to special procedures to keep everybody safe and maintain social distancing. These services may be pre-recorded or streamed live at the listed service time of 11.00am. The link to this streaming service will be shown on our service page The service will continue to be available after the live streaming for the following week.

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